Cook’s Arrival: The Sahlins-Obeyesekere Debate

#124 in the Moʻolelo series, #4 on the Moʻolelo Channel, this is from an in-class lecture. As I said, I wonʻt usually post lectures – theyʻre normally too long – but this one is a short “bridging” lecture, and doesnʻt have any students who can be seen or heard (except their laughter at a couple of points). Please excuse the phone that rings at the beginning – this is from real life! The video “premieres” on Friday morning, October 30th at 7 am:

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One response to “Cook’s Arrival: The Sahlins-Obeyesekere Debate

  1. Taiwi Kamau

    First, in any culture, you are going to have many divergent opinions. Look at how many automakers in the world.
    It was to the advantage of the priesthood of Lono, the Paliku, to draw comparisons of the Makahhiki Festival and Cook’s arrival during the ceremony that raised speculation.
    It was very clear that white people were not gods as they were sickly, weak. short and ravaged by disease. Cook’s crew were sexual and the women discerned that they were not gods when observing their behavior on the ships.
    Kamehameha spent the night on Cook’s ship observing the crew and proving his superiority to his people by doing so.
    Guns, Disease, Steel, is the way to be superior.
    O.A. Bushnell wrote a book entitled the Return of Lono, a fiction dealing with whether “Hawaiians” thought of Cook as Lono. Some people see Trump as their god, while others despise him.
    Fear is a powerful motivator and muskets and cannons will bring the desired results. The most warlike people on the planet have the audacity to call “Hawaiians” warlike.
    Read, but more importantly, THINK for yourself.


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