The Hawaiian History Screen Saver

#133 in the Moʻolelo series, and #5 on the Moʻolelo Channel

I often put on videos (from YouTube) that are of famous paintings and classical music. The best ones tell you what the painting is called, who the artist is and what the piece of music is that youʻre listening to. It occurred to me: “why not do this with Hawaiian history?” This video – #5 on the Moʻolelo Channel – is a way to learn Hawaiian history “incidentally,” that is, just by having it play in the background. The video will be available between 9:30 and 10am Hawaiʻi Standard Time, on Tuesday, November 10th (today). Put it on repeat and enjoy!

The educational philosopher Paul Goodman came up with the idea of incidental learning, noting that we learn things like speech without schools.

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