A first Approach to “Glocalization”

this post on “glocal” cites the umiverse


Before the 1990s, when the term “globalization” has developed to a buzzword, the British sociologist Roland Robertson has already reflected the meaning and impact of the term “globalization”. Robertson can therefore be considered as a pioneer of an explicit globalization theory as a key figure in the formalization of the concept of globalization (cf. Kessler, 92ff.)

Robertson defines globalization as a concept referring to an intensification of global consciousness” (Robertson, 6ff.). He pursues an understanding of globalization with a focus on micro-sociological perspectives and as a result contradicts the trend of a universal world or culture and an increasing convergence, as postulated by George Ritzer with his thesis of the McDonaldization of society (cf. Ampuja, 255ff.).

Since globalization is often understood in scientific discourses as a macro sociological, large-scale phenomenon, there is a lack of awareness that globalization is a global phenomenon, but only visible empirically on local circumstances (cf…

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