Get a PhD—but leave academia as soon as you graduate

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  1. Higher Degree Marketing
    It seems that Ph.D.s preparing students for professorships in universities is the problem–not all Ph.D. programs. Universities run like businesses these days, so perhaps they might practice “truth in advertising” principles, and counsel students to select disciplines that will actually lead to teaching positions or gainful employment. Restricting enrollment or budget to programs that have little prospect for a career might be viewed as responsibility of a moral university. One might also argue that Ph.D. programs leading to cheap labor for universities should be tuition free. Good that practical information comes from bloggers on the outside who have compassion and warn graduate students, “Buyer beware.”

    “What you see is what you get” might be another goal for higher education. Universities sell their undergraduate wares with Job Placement Statistics that are not what they seem. “Internships” inflate job placement statistics–to include students who didn’t find jobs but volunteer their services without compensation to create items on their resumes. The moral university might separate these statistics to accurately reflect the probability of making a living after graduation.

    If universities need to run like businesses, and I believe they do — students will probably be served better if ‘selling the university’ is truthful and based on simple moral principals upon which American higher education was built.


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