Indigenous Knowledge and Complex Systems Theory

The intersection of two topics of intense interest for me…

Incites for the week

“In order to make sustainable change in complex social systems, it is necessary for people to work together as teams, organizations, and networks of organizations. However, many of the traditional ways organizations (especially in the West) are structured and run are founded on more linear approaches that make it very difficult for these organizations to support non-linear, complex, and systemic efforts. This creates a dual challenge to a systems practitioner – both how to grapple with the complexity “out there” (in the social contexts in which they work) and to grapple with the complexity “in here” (in the complex organizations they work within).”[1]

This quote comes from a paper on institutionalizing systems thinking. This briefing paper is a part of the Dynamic Systems Theory Summer Innovation Lab. ( I am grateful for the exposure to complex systems thinking and various techniques to map these complex relationships. The…

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