Frozen as Free Trade Propaganda

I donʻt usually write reviews of Disney children’s films, but I saw Frozen with my 6 year old daughter, was struck by the free trade rhetoric, and thought “Hey Zizek would write about this..” Disney’s new movie Frozen depicts two (what else?) princesses of a stylized Nordic sovereign, one of whom has the power not only to freeze whatever she touches, but to create a frozen world. Because this power would be frightening to the subjects of this principality, she is kept isolated (Isolationist?) behind a “closed door policy” in the palace.

Her valiant and assertive sister Anna teams with the simple ice trader Kristoff to try to thaw the eternal winter that comes over the country when the new Queen Elsa has a fit of anger. This Cold War is marked by fear and paranoia and the restriction of trade with foreign powers who visit for the Queen’s coronation. Elsa sequesters herself in an ice palace isolated from the rest of the world (North Korea or Cuba, one cannot be sure). Anna becomes a victim of her sister’s misguided wrath – her heart is frozen and the only cure is “an act of love.” This act turns out to be her own act – self help offers a way out of the freeze. The dastardly diplomats are punished for trying to steal the kingdom with a revocation of trading privileges, as a new summer returns to the land. An “open gate policy” is restored as Queen Elsa sees the error of her protectionist ways.

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