Maoli Matrix – Kūhiō Vogeler

Kūhiō Vogeler has done some very thoughtful comparative work on Hawaiian sovereignty issues (more on that later) and has done a lot of thinking around what could be called nation building (or re-building). This has led to the development of Maoli Matrix, the nucleus of which can be found at Below he describes the project and its implications:

People and Projects, together.

The internet has a puka, Hawaiian for “a gap, a hole.”

There is not a single site where people can network, organize projects, match talents with needs, send messages, follow other projects, and read news related to these endeavors.

Maoli Matrix is a website that can fill this puka, by seamlessly integrating five types of sites in one.

“Maoli” (pronounced MAO-Lee) in Hawaiian refers to that which is “genuine, true, real, actual.” A Matrix is “the place or point from which something originates, takes form, or develops.” Maoli Matrix is a place where people can plan anything from a child’s birthday party to an academic conference, enlist persons with needed talents, network with others, create and edit documents, broadcast milestones, and read news about fascinating projects. Maoli Matrix does all of this this for free so that anyone in the world can use this website.

The internet has needed Maoli Matrix for a long time to fill this puka.

By filling this puka, Maoli Matrix will not cause other information leakage. Though Maoli Matrix is not a federal tax-exempt public charity with tax-deductible donations (501[c]), Maoli Matrix is a Hawai‘i nonprofit corporation nonetheless. As a nonprofit, Maoli Matrix will ensure that the information on participants or projects will not be sold to corporations or government agencies. People can also set their security settings to include only themselves, or those involved in that one project. In addition, website guidelines will ensure that Maoli Matrix remains a safe place where people can network, coordinate, or follow other projects.

Since October 2010, a team has been creating the details for the Maoli Matrix site, and we now have prototypes of three page designs. We need only $5,000 to initiate the final phase of this website. Once created, Maoli Matrix will raise funds for the site through advertisements on the news page and message boards, as well as small donations from Maoli Matrix participants.

There is a saying:

“Ideas come with the means.”

Nana Veary, Change We Must

Maoli Matrix can be that means for many. Rarely will a single donation have such a profound effect on the world. This is the spirit of Indiegogo.

Maoli Matrix will fill this puka in the internet, and we hope to do so with your help.



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